De Groene Zwaan

Intiem theater en concertpodium in De Rijp (NH)

Review concert Brendan Monaghan

Brendan Monaghan

Easter Saturday, April 16th ’22, we had the privilege to welcome Brendan Monaghan at our venue. Not for the first time though. Brendan played for the fourth time on our stage. That’s a good sign of his musical skills and professionalism. And, no surprise, we had a wonderful evening again. Brendan is a singer-songwriter pur sang. His songs, accompanied by his sparkling guitar sound filled the room with joy. Brendan played songs from his latest album “Unbroken” and his forthcoming new release “light from the light that never ends”, an occasional cover and – off course – an Irish traditional song. It was so nice to see him dedicate a song to our Ukrainian guests in the room. At the end Brendan played some songs together with the lovely Fatima Haring, who preceded him with her own performance on our stage. A well spent night indeed.

Peter van Hoogstraten “de Groene Zwaan” de Rijp. Netherlands.