De Groene Zwaan

Intiem theater en concertpodium in De Rijp (NH)

Main hall and stage

The main hall measures 13 meters x 5,60 meters and has a height of 5 meters (excluding the curved ceiling) and includes a bar and a balcony. The main hall has a capacity of 85 seats (including the balcony) or 130 without seats. A flexible setup is possible.

The stage measures 4,50 meters x 2,50 meters and has a height of 0,47 meters. It comprises of building blocks which can be rearranged.

A black backdrop is available.

The balcony has a separate storageroom for facility’s equipment and has 16 seats on a stand. The balcony can be reached from within the main hall.

Audio and sound

The main hall is equipped with a PA system  and comprises:

  • 2x RCF HDM45A tops (1100 watt RMS, 2200 watt peak);
  • 2x RCF 905 AS-II subs (1100 watt RMS, 2200 watt peak);

In addition the following equipment is available:

  • Midas MR18 digital mixer (16 mono input, 1 stereo input, 8 outputs), wifi/ethernet controlled;
  • Behringer X32 Compact digital mixer, 32 input, 16 output, effects, option for ethernet/wifi control;
  • Behringer X-Touch Universal;
  • 2 active monitors DAP 15 inch 300W RMS, 600 W Peak;
  • 2 active monitors ALTO TX310, 175W RMS, 350W Peak;
  • Microphones:
    • Microphones:
      • 2 x Sennheiser E965;
      • 2 x sE Electronics V7;
      • 3 x Shure SM58;
      • 2 x Samson C02S
      • 3 x wireless (2 headsets and 1 handheld)
      • Behringer ECM8000;
      • 5 x additional dynamic microphones;
  • Multicable for remote soundcontrol;
  • 2x Ecler EVO4 4 channel effect mixer;
  • Turntables;
  • CD players;


  • Upright piano, brand Frankenbach;
  • Tuned at 440 hz.


The main hall has 4 bars of lights situated above the stage, 1, 3 and 5 meters from the front of the stage.

  • 4 Showtec tri par 7;
  • 4 UFO Bee Eye RGBW Beam/wash moving heads

The first bar (at 1 meter from front) comprises:

  • 2 Stagg headbanger RBG wash moving heads;
  • 2 Showtec tri par 7 (stage)
  • 2 Showtec Phantom 65 Moving heads (7 color, gobo, prism);

The second bar (at 3 meters from the front) comprises:

  • 4 Showtec tri par 7 (theater)
  • 2 Briteq bt-theatre 100ec spots (stage)
  • 2 BeamZ Fuze 610z moving head (RGBW, zoom, wash, spot)

The third bar (at 5 meters from the front) comprises:

  • 2 Briteq bt-theatre 100ec spots (stage)
  • 2 Eurolite MHT-17 moving heads (gobo, color);
  • 2 Showtec tri par 7 (Theater);

Ceiling lights:

  • 4 Showtec LED PAR 56 short (fixed) at back of main hall

In addtition two Showtec Compact Lightsets on bars (8 led lights).The second bar (at 3 meters from the front) comprises:

The lights are controlled from the balcony by a Lightshark LS1 console (including PC and tablet) with 2 active universes.

Lichtplan2 scaled

Additional equipment

The main hall is equipped with:

  • Look Unique 2.1 Hazer;
  • Laserworld EL230 RBG laser;
  • An Optoma HD141X beamer and Pioneer DDP170 bluray player at the balcony;
  • A Celexon screen at the stage (300 cm 16:9);
  • Infrared and traditional CV-heating;
  • Forced ventilation;
  • Work lights;
  • Ceiling lights;
  • Dedicated wifi-network for technical equipment;
  • Zone mixer at the bar;
  • On stage 3x 16A 5 pin 3 phase power outlets (380V) , 3x 16A CEE 3 pin outlets (230V), 8x shuko 16A (230V). The powersupply for lights, stage and sound are separated.
  • On balcony 1x 32A 5 pin 3 phase power outlet (380V), 10x shuko 16A (230V).